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My true last polacolor

By: Tom Evans

Polaroid is gone and so is one of the best show ideas I had in a long time. The announcement came just as I was shooting figures in 4×5 and doing a separate series of the subjects holding a black and white polaroid proof in front of them selves.

Including the print in the image lent a perception of reality to the subject.

I don’t think including digitally printed proofs would have the same intrinsic quality, in fact I know it wouldn’t.

I will miss Polaroid film, but, I am sure there are printers who miss calligraphy also.

When it’s time, it’s time.

-Tom Evans

One Response to “My true last polacolor”

  1. T Moorse says:

    It is a shame and progress when these things happen. There is no way this type of image or show could be done similarly.

    But, progress must be, as you say.

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