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My Last Polaroid: the documentary

‘What will you shoot with your last Polaroid?’

If you could take a picture of a memory, it would be a Polaroid. Yet soon the Polaroid will be history.

“The purpose of inventing instant photography was essentially aesthetic – to make available a new medium of expression to numerous individuals who have an artistic interest in the world around them…”
Edwin Land, inventor of the Polaroid, 1947

Director and photographer Steve Glashier is embarking upon a journey to document the last days of the Polaroid. His film will explore the rich history of the company from the early visions of its founder through to the present day, seeking to understand and communicate why this, the most evocative of films, has been so treasured and will be so fiercely missed.

He will speak to fashion photographers, forensic teams, photojournalists, location photographers, amateur snappers and artists, and look at the work of people such as Robert Mapplethorpe, Ansel Adams and Andy Warhol.

Most importantly, he will be there to capture the seminal moment when photographers – both famous and unknown – take their final Polaroid.

If you’d like us to come and film you taking your last Polaroid – or if you have anything else that you think we should feature – please let us know:

We’re especially keen on filming you on September 30 if you’re taking your last picture with film that expires that day.